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Enjoy an exciting game of ping pong on a new table tennis table

Invite a few friends over and get ready to show off your skills with a new table tennis table. These colorful game tables are easy to install, which means a fast-paced game is just minutes away. Pull out a few basic hand tools from a homeowner's tool set to easily assemble the powder-coated legs and the long net. Once fully assembled, the durable ping pong table is an eye-catching and fun addition to any game room.

Challenge friends and family to an easygoing match on the brand new ping pong table from Kmart. Grab a few table tennis accessories, like paddles and a lightweight ball, and let the games begin. The tournament-size table is spacious enough for either singles or doubles matches, so the whole gang can join the fun. Convenient features like folding legs and casters create a sturdy structure that's easy to move when necessary.

If you're getting serious about improving your skills, try a table tennis table with a playback feature. Fold one half of the board to create a vertical wall. This allows you to practice serving and returning the ball without a partner. When company drops by, simply fold both halves down to put your skills in motion with a quick one-on-one match. Enjoy a great match of table tennis at home with the help of ping pong tables from Kmart.