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Extreme Sports

Enjoy any action sport with extreme sports gear from Kmart

Extreme sports aren't the same as your typical team sports like basketball or soccer. Skateboarding, paintball and mixed martial arts are a few ways to provide thrill some sports just can't offer. Don't settle for simple team competitions or dull outdoor activities. Kmart has a large selection of extreme sports gear so you can enjoy anything from in-line skating to boxing. 

One of the most popular action sports is skateboarding. Choose boards and extreme sports gear suitable for organized competitions or kickflips throughout the neighborhood. Kmart also has in-line skates, bikes and other extreme sports equipment suited for adults and children. You'll find a wide variety of skating and skateboard gear, such as helmets and pads, to keep you safe.

Sports like boxing and mixed martial arts require extreme sports equipment. Whether it's for sparring sessions or fight night, you need extreme sports gear suitable for the occasion. Select boxing gloves and apparel so you're covered from head to toe. When you're training between fights, look for the proper punching bags, jump ropes and other accessories for those intense workout routines.

Action sports not only involve wheeled equipment or gloves, but it also includes paintball matches. From paintball masks and marker kits to skateboards and MMA equipment, Kmart has high-quality extreme sports gear so can enjoy any activity safely.