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Kmart Steel Toe & Safety Boots

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Protect your feet with these rugged shoes & boots from Kmart

When the time comes to get your hands dirty, don't forget about your feet. Whether you're working in the cold, the dirt or the rain, or just lifting heavy objects inside, you need heavy-duty footwear that's going to keep you warm, dry and safe. Here at Kmart you can find steel-toe and soft-toe work boots, slip-resistant shoes, waterproof shoes, hikers and more to protect your toes while you toil. Tough jobs call for tough boots, and these are some of the toughest.

The type of shoes or boots you need depends on the work you're doing. Slip-resistant shoes are perfect for janitors and anyone who works on slick surfaces, while steel-toe shoes are a must to protect yourself from falling objects and other hazards. If you work outside in the cold, you'll definitely need insulated winter boots to keep your feet warm while you work. Keep in mind that some boots are heavier than others; if you have to do a lot of walking in the woods, for instance, you're probably better off with a lightweight hiking shoe than a heavier wide-width boot.

Here at Kmart, you can find a wide variety of women's and men's work shoes and boots to suit any job. Our work boots come from trusted, durable brands like Texas Steer, Craftsman, DieHard and Safetrax. No matter where you go, your feet are what get you there. Take care of them and they'll take you far.