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Help Your Child Buy Gifts for Friends

How to Help Your Child Buy Gifts for Friends

As if buying gifts for your kids isn't difficult enough, your child's best friend's birthday party is this weekend and you need to help your son or daughter buy their friend a gift. This can be a challenging feat, and potentially expensive, for parents whose child is invited to by every kid in their class. It's true that as parent you live busy lives balancing work and home life, and you may not know all your kids' classmates as well as your kids expect. So when it's birthday season, which is basically year-round, you need to be prepared to take your child shopping for other kids' birthday gifts. Before you run out to the store to buy birthday gifts for kids you either barely know or know well, set rules and limits when you take your child shopping.

How to shop for kids' birthday gifts with your child

Many parents are at a loss with how much they should spend when buying birthday gifts for kids. Unfortunately for some parents who are in a pinch, there is no set limit. Instead, use this opportunity to teach your kids about setting a budget and financial planning.


When you take your child to the store to buy a birthday gift for kids in his or her class, let them know they have a set limit for how much they can spend on their friends. If your kids earn an allowance, this is the perfect time to explain budgeting and planning. Even if your kids don't earn an allowance, explain to them as much as they want to give their friends and classmates those amazing Imaginext action figures, it's better to get something smaller and maybe more personal. Let the child's parents get them large and expensive toys and games for their kids' birthday gifts. Rather, as friends and guests, your child should get a kids' birthday gift that can be used for months and even years, whether it's games or toys' accessories. 


Most parents' budget is about $10-$15 for birthday gifts for kids. You may think that this isn't enough to get a decent gift, but that's not true. There are many different types of toys and games you can get as boys or girls kids birthday gifts. There are a variety of Nerf guns that are great as a birthday gift for kids. Nerf guns can be a perfect gift to give for young boys that are in the same class, so they can all share the same type of toy and play against each other. There are a variety of Nerf guns available so no two kids will get the same birthday gift. Not from you, anyway.


While there are some girls who enjoy action and adventure with their toys and games, there are many girls that have a nurturing interest. Barbie toys allow girls to use their imagination when it comes to dressing up and creating real-life scenarios. There are a variety of Barbie toys that are surprisingly inexpensive and perfect for little girls in a wide age range. Your daughter can give her best friend a Barbie toy with included accessories that all fit within budget. The best part about Barbie toys is that it's not just Barbie dolls you can give as gifts; Barbie has many friends and professions so there's always the opportunity to mix things up with buying a birthday gift for kids.


How to Help Your Child Buy Gifts for Friends

It may seem like a daunting task at first, but buying kids' birthday gifts for your friends' classmates or teammates doesn't have to be as hard as you think. As long as you set an objective before you walk into Kmart or any other store, shopping with be a breeze. Be ahead of the game and stock up on some of these lower-budget gifts, so you don't have to go back run to the store every few weeks to find a birthday gift for kids. Stock up on timeless boys' and girls' toys that can be given and still enjoyed.