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Best Toys for Toddlers

Best Toys for Toddlers

For young children, playtime is not just an idle pastime. The time that toddlers and older kids spend playing in the nursery playroom or playground is crucial to developing their reasoning skills, creativity and social intelligence later in life. By stocking your child's toy box with the right toys, you'll be giving them a leg up on their peers in the mental development department. Construction toys like building blocks can inspire feats of creativity, while electronic learning toys like the Vtech Games Mobigo learning system can help them start enjoying the benefits of education at an earlier age. There are a few considerations to keep in mind while shopping for toddler and young kids' toys, but finding the best toddler toys is easy by following a few simple guidelines.

How to find the best toys for toddlers

The number one consideration when buying toddler toys is safety. Very young children should not play with toys which have small parts and pieces which are easily swallowed. Children of age 3 and younger are always putting things into their mouths, which definitely presents a choking hazard with smaller toys. You want to make sure you stay with larger toys for young children. For example, instead of a Lego building block set with small, sharp pieces, get your kid a Duplo set with large, rounded pieces instead.


It might seem like a nice idea to give a toddler hand-me down toys from their older brothers and sisters, but you should be cautious about doing this. Hand-me-downs may be a cost-effective and sentimental way to give you babies something to play with, but older toys may not have been manufactured to today's child safety standards. Additionally, kids of every generation love to chew on their playthings; over time, this can lead to small pieces breaking off things like action figures and Nerf toys, which creates a choking risk for next toddler who "inherits" them. Play it safe and stick with newly-manufactured playthings for your toddler.


Safety aspects aside, toddlers need toys which will encourage exploration and creativity for proper brain development. In general, the more features a toy has, the less creative it requires a child to be. Playthings which encourage open-ended play like our Sesame Street Elmo toys will help your child develop a healthy imagination. Avoid toys that make sounds or flash bright lights at children; they tend to overstimulate and distract children without giving them a chance to use their imaginations. Another kind of toddlers' toy that's very good for brain development is kid-sized versions of "adult" stuff. Brightly colored and oversized cell phones, cooking sets, appliances and utensils are helpful for teaching kids motor skills when operating said real-life devices.


How to find the best toys for kids

You'll also want to buy toys for your toddlers that will hold their interest as they grow and develop. You don't want to bring home a toy, only to have them lose interest in it the next day, after all. Board games are a great toy for young and older kids alike. Simple board games like Hi-Ho Cherry-O and The Ladybug Game can still be fun when toddlers become preschoolers, and they'll even enjoy playing them in later years as a nostalgic exercise. A Thomas and Friends Playset with plastic rails gives toddlers something to chew on and throw around, while older kids will enjoy using it to actually create a functioning train playset. Stuffed animals and dolls serve as comfort providers for toddlers, while kindergarteners can use them to act out complex narratives. The right toys can go all the way to infanthood to middle childhood if you choose carefully.

Best Toys for Toddlers

Give your kids the tools they need to grow up healthy, smart and well-adjusted with the right toddler toys from Kmart. Save money and encourage their creativity by carefully choosing right toddler toys for them today.