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Best Educational Toys for Kids

Best Educational Toys for Kids

When you're looking for the perfect toys for kids, you want to get them something that they'll love to play with, but you also want to encourage learning and development. The biggest trick to choosing the best educational toys for kids is finding toys that they love and want to play with. With the wide selection of educational toys available, you're sure to find the right toys for kids of all ages.


Infant educational toys

Your baby is the center of your universe. All you want for them is to grow up to be happy, healthy and successful. Starting their education young can start them on the path to greatness. With learning toys for babies, your little one will be ahead of the class before they even start school. Fisher Price toys are perfect for babies of all development stages. Fisher Price offers toys for babies starting at 0 months all the way through toddlerhood. These learning toys for infants are great for engaging your very young learners with sights, sounds and more. They'll love playing with poppers, noisemakers, musical toys and stackers that can teach them movement, hand-eye coordination, image-word association and other important skills. 


You can also find educational baby toys that are designed to grow with your tot. From baby gyms designed for newborns that can transform for older infants to 3-in-1 ride on toys, your child will have toys to play with for months and even years. With baby gyms, your newborn and infant will delight in the chimes and sounds, the colorful pieces to touch and play with, and the animals and shapes.  Ride on toys start out as toys you can push your baby around in. Later, they transition into push toys that help tiny tots learn to walk. Eventually, they can become the perfect ride on toy for toddlers to scoot around on their own in.


Preschool educational toys

Your little one is growing and learning more every day. He or she has started school, even if it's just one or two days a week. Of course, you want to make sure that you can continue their education outside the classroom. With preschool educational toys, your child can easily learn through play. For a cuddly pal who can teach your children about astronauts and animals, Big Hugs Elmo is ready to play. This battery-operated toy interacts with your child in a fun and engaging way to encourage learning, imagination and friendship. You'll love watching your child play with Elmo, and your child will be thrilled with their hugging, dancing and singing friend. 


Grade school educational toys

Whether your child is in school full-time or you homeschool, you want to have the best educational toys for kids, even when they're playing. You'll find that there are a variety of educational toys designed to keep your kid engaged by mimicking and utilizing today's technology. Device6os like the MEEP! and Kurio 4 tablets are exactly what you need for your kids to become acquainted with technology as it currently operates. Running Android 4.0, these kids' tablets provide games, parent-protected internet access and more in a colorful kid-proof skin. Your kids will learn while they play with these technologically advanced toys. 


Grade school kids will also learn from playing interactive, cooperative and competitive games. From video games to board games, kids can learn about sharing, counting, reading and so much more. Games like Scrabble Junior and What's GNU?  can teach your children spelling, word recognition and reading for younger kids. If your child loves mysteries Clue is an excellent game for older children. Teaching logic and deductive reasoning skills, Clue is a classic and timeless game that offers a fun learning experience for children.

Best Educational Toys for Kids


Regardless of your child's age, learning is a core value. By incorporating educational toys and games into your child's playtime, you'll encourage child growth and development, basic knowledge skills and a passion for life-long learning. Your children will grow up knowing that education can and should be fun.