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Customer Service FAQs

Frequently Asked Customer Service Questions

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Can I cancel my order?

Because our automated system processes your order almost immediately after you click the Process Order button in Checkout, it's not possible to cancel your order before it's fulfilled. However, when you receive the shipment, it will contain specific instructions on how to return it for a refund. In addition, home delivery of larger items can be refused, if necessary.


If you make an order that you wish to cancel, you may mail the order back after you have received it or return the merchandise to your local Kmart store. If you choose this last option, please be sure to follow the correct steps on returning merchandise.

I've ordered. Where is it?

Eager to get your goodies? It's easy to check your order status. If you're a new customer or guest, you can use the order number from your confirmation email to do a "quick check" within a couple of hours of ordering. Once you're a registered shopper, you can view past orders, to your entire shopping history!


When is my credit card charged?

Good news! When you use a credit card, it isn't charged until your order ships successfully. So you never pay for anything that isn't already on its way to you. Debit cards or check cards are a little different. The amount still isn't deducted right away, but your bank may reserve or "freeze" a percentage of it, from 50 to 100%, to ensure enough money stays in your account for coverage.

It's normal for the freeze to last anywhere from three to 10 business days, depending on your bank. So don't become concerned if this happens. It's just your bank's way of helping you keep from overdrawing your account and running into possible penalties.

What's the shipping charge?

To keep shipping costs fair, we:

  • Give you a choice of four shipping services in most cases
  • Base your estimated charges on total weight, not number of items
  • Combine items based on size and shape to eliminate as much "dead weight" as possible

We ship to:

  • Street addresses only (sorry, no P.O. boxes)
  • Military APO/FPO addresses(sorry,products over 35lbs cannot be shipped to APO/FPO locations - all other shipments are USPS)
  • All 50 states and the District of Columbia (sorry, no delivery to Puerto Rico, Guam or the U.S Virgin Islands)

Does have the same items as stores?

Sometimes we have even more! You may not find the exact same items as you do at your neighborhood Kmart. But we work hard every day to bring more of the things you love online. We usually have a greater variety of home décor, sports, cookware and jewelry than you can find in the store and many special values you'll only find here. Look for new arrivals or this just in throughout the Website as you shop.

Do you accept coupons online?

Yes, we do. In order to use a Kmart-endorsed coupon on, you must enter the coupon code during the checkout process. Some restrictions may apply.

Why are and store prices different?

Like any large retail business with stores throughout the country, prices may vary a bit depending on what region you're in. You can think of as just another store in a different place. Some prices may be a little higher and some may be a little lower depending on what our online customers want and need. prices are not guaranteed to be the same at Kmart store locations.