Why is it you all advertise for a lease and go program with no credit check? But when you get to the register you need everthing you will have to have for a credit check and then you tell everyone that the system is down to call your 800#? So when you finally do get a live person the are very rude or tell you to go to the website to email the program. But when you get to the program page the only thing you have is a Q&A session with everyone? Also, it states that if your income is at least a $1000 you will be approved. WHY is that not true especially if you have drivers license, social security card & a current check stub with you it’s still trying to tell you that you are someone else or that you live somewhere that you don’t and that your last name is something other then on your IDENTIFICATION! Please explain?


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  1. They lie,, they do a credit check, they call it a soft credit check. It's B.S. Pretty much why Kmart wont be around much longer. Stores are filthy and service suck. This lease and go program just hits rock bottom for this company. Any Kmart Igo to is always empty, more employees then customers all day.

  2. Hi ldonna1212. Welcome to the MyKmart Community! Unfortunately, we are not authorized to view information regarding approvals/denials for this program.

    Please reach out to WhyNotLeaseIt Customer Service at 1.855.949.6685 or reach out by email at for additional specifics regarding approval and qualifications for the Why Not Lease It program.

    Hope this helps!

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      Thank you laurelS for your time to reply! All though I have called the # several times (probably between 20-30 times). But I will try that email and see how the respond to the email. Though I do feel it's bad business for Kmart, Sears & any other company associated with them. I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    2. In response to laurelS

      Thank you, ldonna1212. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

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