why is it written on so many places on th internet that states kmart give a senio discount of 40% but only on wednesdays. then kmart states they have no type of seior discount. perhaps kmart should enact the policy that is already floating around the internet universe, as it is already out there and would be a great shakra for kmart. so until kmart decides about a senior discount program I will be heading over to a store that does have a senior discount to puchase the item I would have purchased at kmart. good buy customer with spenfable cash says kmart as they see me on my way to another merchant. goodbye we will miss you customer.


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  1. Kmart needs to offer this discount on Wednesdays. Do you know how many young folks would take their grammy to Kmart on wednesday's? It's a win/win for everyone!!

  2. I just searched for Kmart Senior Discount on Wed & Kmart senior discount on Google, AOL and Yahoo search. Spent almost thirty minutes searching all of these web portals for these sites claiming a senior discount at Kmart on Wed.
    Not sure where this information was found but the only thing I can find pertaining to Kmart offering a senior discount is links back to the MyKmart Community covering this same issue. (Kmart does not offer a senior discount on Wed)

  3. 40% I have never heard oD any business giving discounts like that for seniors most are 10 to 20% on non sale items and there are fewer and fewer stores doing it. Would love to know of stores giving 40%

  4. Kmart can't control what type of information goes up and about on the internet except SHC websites like, and Sears and Kmart (dot)com's.

  5. Hi, saving-nanna. Welcome to the MyKmart Community! Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience this false information has caused.

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