Why does a KMart store, that has been in our town forever, have to close? There is alot of business done ther, might not make a billion a year, so it’s not making enough!! I can’t /won’t believe it’s losing money! Belvidere IL> Store

If they want a document signed by customers, to see it it’s worth staying open, PLEASE let me know, and I WILL PERSONALLY stand at the front door, and get MANY,MANY, more to help with getting signatures! Please, please give the employees, that are the greatest, a chance to keep their jobs! The pharmacy has saved my life 2-3 times in the last 10-15 yrs! I want to know if it’s the almighty $$ that is closing this place, I hate parking 2000 ft, if you don’t have a handicap card, if you go to “WAL-MART”! Let me know of anything I can do to help to keep it open! LOYAL CUSTOMER!! John K.


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      These store closures need to STOP! I'm another customer absolutely fed up with it. Its doing nothing but pushing away very loyal customers that have shopped with Kmart for many years.