When do your kids go back to school?

We begin again on Monday, the 26th! Summer just flew by! I have some friends in other states whose kids went back 2 weeks ago and others who don’t begin until after Labor Day. It is so interesting that start times vary so much depending on the school district.

When do your kids go back?


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  1. In our area, kids start back on Tuesday. Teachers and staff of course started back last week in preparation.

    But your right, even when living in the bigger cities there was such a time difference in each county of when kids returned or even when school ended.

  2. Did you all see the Tracy Moutafis' celebration dance video ? She did a celebratory dance after her kid got on the school bus !

    Another reason to jump for joy is the 15 degree drop in temp. for some of the Midwest ! Parents and sitters enjoy both joys appropriately, LOL !

  3. Many children in my area went back to school this week! Other school districts start back next week as well. Enjoy the last few days of summer break, everyone! :)

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