What turnaround?

I understand that they close stores to remain profitable by shutting down unprofitable locations, but they’ve been doing that for a WHOLE DECADE! Sounds fishy, as a Kmart shopper I am very concerned even if doesn’t affect me locally at this point. Its not fair to Kmart clientele to have them worry about whether they’ll be affected by downsizing. They should be making a comeback by now. They closed the last stores in my town years back. I’m concerned because I don’t like the idea of shopping elsewhere.


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  1. I agree, PrincessAM ! Lets hope that that the people making the turnaround clatter know somethings that the rest of us don't :/

  2. The biggest problem I see with the store closing trend is its not going to stop until all Kmart stores are gone. I am one of the biggest supporters of Kmart and if I view it that way imagine what the average shopper things that only stops into Kmart stores a few times a year.

    Those customers that only do a small portion of their shopping at Kmart are the ones who lose faith first and guess what, most of those have already gone elsewhere do to so many small petty issues they've encountered on trips into Kmart stores.

    I read an article just the other day how Sears/Kmart are even closing down the most profitable stores so that says its not about actual store sales and any store is on the chopping block.

    I myself dread making that 30mile trip (one way) to our nearest Kmart because I'm always afraid when we pull into the lot I'll see that huge yellow & black "Store Closing" banner hung on the building. Been there done that three different times already at other Kmart stores. Now my second favorite store, our local Ben Franklin is shutting down after 44 years in business due to low sales and the death of the owner.

    Just take me back to my childhood now so I don't have to witness anymore of this collapsing economy and the loss of the stores we all once knew and loved!

  3. Always Three at a time if you watch the news. It's like they have a special crew or detail that can handle 3 closings at a time isn't that the same as people you no passing away? It always happens in 3's! Or maybe that's just a lucky number? I've been wondering what happened to the Blue Crew? Is this there new assignment? The New Retail Model Of Kmart SORRY WERE CLOSED? How can all these Questions go unanswered?

  4. Hi PrincessAM,

    We appreciate you sharing your concerns with us!

    As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

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      What we need to see to boost consumer confidence in Kmart once again is at least one or more new Kmart locations to open.

      If people see a few new stores open in random areas, possibly areas a Kmart never existed it would do a lot to make some forget the past troubles just a little to bring them back to the brand.

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      I agree with this idea, Izel ! People expect to see or hear the 'closing' news now, and the "Grand Opening" flash would lift all spirits no doubt :):) !

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      I always read the comments on the news articles that cover these store closings and usually more than half of those commenting are quite upset the store is closing.

      The other half well...they point out something else which is hurting Kmart's customer base more than anything.

      During the liquidation process, many are quite upset about Kmart possibly jacking up the prices quite high and slowly lower it. I've read more than three customer (now former customer) comments on this practice and they claim they will never step foot into another Kmart again over it. :-(

      I was reading a juicy little argument between an actual Kmart employee from a store in the process of closing who worked in Lay Away with current customers who said they didn't shop at that store in years yet obviously had recent items on Lay Away.

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      Here is the news article on the Coos Bay Kmart closing & price mark up scandal. Go down to the comment section to read the major blow outs between everyone. Kinda entertaining. Kmart is really stirring the pot with this one. lol

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