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  1. one of the best gifts I've given was a valentine card to a disabled girl with dark brown hair back in middle school.

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      To step inside the frightening arena of ridicule and uncertainty is the mark of a wonderful spirit, my friend !
      I'm sure neither of you will forget the gesture :)

  2. The best gift I ever received was a spa day from my whole family. They each contributed parts of the day to it, and it added up to a GREAT day of total relaxation. Loved it!

  3. When I was a kid, I found a discarded piece of 1/4" copper tubing along the road somewhere. I polished it up and found a perfectly-combed crow's feather and placed it inside. I gave this to my sweetheart, who much later became my bride ! Although we split-up many years later, she still has that gift to this day ! Excellent question... !

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      Such a thoughtful gift, yobarps! I would have to say that my favorite gift of all time was very similar. My boyfriend at the time gave me a huge heart shaped chocolate box for Valentines Day filled with my favorite candy, gummi bears! The reason the gift had such sentimental value was because he took the time to arrange all the red colored gummi bears to spell out 'I love you'. The gift was not the most expensive I have ever received but was definitely one of the most thoughtful and that is why I still remember this gift today!

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      Thank you ! I know that these two were both from the heart, that sacred place (",) !

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      @Yobarps and @SHC-LaurelS - Wow! Those are both great stories! Yobarps - I can't believe she still has the gift! That is amazing! SHC-Laurel -If I got your gift I understand why you don't have it anymore... I also LOVE Gummy Bears! They would have been gone before the day was over! Haha! Very creative ideas! It's always the thought that counts! My favorite gift I received was from my Grandpa. I will never forget it either! He gave me my Great Grandpa’s watch… I don’t even wear a watch, but that’s not why I wanted it. It’s all in the memories and meaning behind it! It stays in a safe place with me!

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      totally understood by me since I Had a grandpa- grandpa's don't last forever, but their spirit lives on.

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