We have just purchased 2 baby Guinea Pigs, any advice on raising them?

The new babies that we had acquired are both under 3 months old. They are both females for we had read that they live longer if they have a companion.

In the past, we had 2 guinea Pigs at different times, and their life spans were under 4 years. My hope is that these one will live longer this time around with a companion.

I would greatly appreciate and advice on this topic as well as if you had small children, the best way to introduce them to their new pets.

I am looking forward to hearing your experiences ;)


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  1. You might want to look up guinea pig scurvy.

    1. In response to ServiceLocally

      OMG! That was quite scary to read!

      Thank you for sharing that info. We do have the liquid vitamin that goes into the water that was highly recommended. I only wish that the employee would have told us the reason behind them not getting it.

      YUCK! That is definitely not something we want them to acquire!

      Great tip! Thank you ;)

    2. In response to ServiceLocally

      Our guinea pigs had the vitamin liquid in their water bottle and had fresh fruits and vegetables. They got fed better food, and melon during the season (though now days the news has stated these have been contaminated at times). They have to have the pellets for their digestion and when that is bad, try switching their diet away from some fresh food. I am glad to have discussed this topic as most people never had any guinea pigs, or are not interested in anything to do with them.

    3. In response to ServiceLocally

      Right now the only fresh veggies they get is carrots. The food that was recommended has the pellets plus other fruits in it also. We were told that this should suffice for a proper diet even if we did not feed them any other fruits or veggies.

      Are they able to nibble on oranges? Oranges and apples are the main fruit that we eat around here until summer time.

      So far we are loving having them, for they are quite entertaining with 2 totally separate personalities that keeps you giggling.

      Like my daughter had put it "They are great stress re-leasers" ;)

  2. Wendy

    I Ieft a message on the other post long ago, so yes I have lots of advice. First, parents should choose these over hamsters and gerbils. The other two can do terrible things to their offspring. Guinea pigs need to be kept out of any drafts, and they tend to wake up in the morning for food. The longest they can live is several years, and yours reached a decent age. Train them early to go to the bathroom themselves, though when they become old, they lose that ability. They can not have antibiotics though maybe this has changed and there is new medicine. We made sure to give them enough vitamins, but one had a skin disease. I had short hair, medium, and my sister left her long hair boy. The first we had from a baby. Keep them as clean as you can, when they get older watch their feet as they can get nail problems. I will add more if I can remember, by further questions from you.

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      You said try to keep them clean, is there a special way that you had done so? My daughter is petrified to even touch them with a damp cloth for she had one pass away from this when she was younger. They are both short haired.

      Another question if you might remember, ours wake up in the middle of the night constantly when my 2 year old grand-daughter moves in her sleep. Do you think putting a blanket over the cage might help calm them down more?

      I appreciate you reaching out! ;)

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      If you ever saw in the stores, they sometimes have heaters. I would give mine baths, but it was difficult. So, as I am drying them, I would use a hair dryer,but they are scared of the noise. They must make quiet ones by now. Anyway, I did have a portable heater that switches off when the temp goes too hot, and had towels to hold them. But, the key is to feed them at that time, and do it while it is very sunny. Wait till they are older. I tended to carry them in cloths because I got itches sometimes.

      They wake up when you move and some will make noise because they think it is time to eat. They are young, so may also not be used to certain noises yet. Our's were in boxes and they could get out, but they always had a cover overhead and a cloth to put their head on. Be glad there is no refrigerator nearby because that sets them off. Make sure all electrical wires are high and they can't get to them.

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      Well these two sure live up to their names, lil piggy's they think it is time to eat with every little noise LOL

      I guess we will try later on to try and give them a quick little bath. Did you use anything special for I did not see anything at the store when we were buying all their provisions. ;)

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      I did not read this, but it may help as a start for your search. I would have chosen a mild shampoo, perhaps baby soap and we also cleaned the pen, and got rid of the boxes. They need to chew, so this is something you need to find and look into for them. I don't know what they have at the store. Try to stay away from giving them the corn, as they get stuck and they get very upset and you have to try and take it out yourself from their teeth. I think that we cleaned the pen with vinegar and water, but since we fed them orange, I think you might be able to use lemon. The bigger problem is making sure they don't jump when you try to clean them. They hate running water.

    5. In response to For2Day

      All be! I had no idea there was an "ehow"! Who would have thought to look, not me apparently LOL We do however have plenty of baby shampoo that's for sure.

      As for chew toys, we were lucky enough to have a very knowledgeable employee who had given us a check list for items that Guinea pigs should have.

      The cage is pretty big for now, but until they reach adulthood we may have to invest in a new one for look likes she is going to be pretty pig. We have been using soap and water to clean it out and she makes sure it is rinsed out well. But in reading what you had used, we may need to change this for I do not want them to get sick. It would break my grand-babies heart for those are her "little babies".

      Great information, I have shared all the tips with my daughter and she told me to tell you thank you!

      It looks like we are good to go for now, but I know we will for sure have more questions coming.

      I so appreciate your tips ;)

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