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Currently the only way to see your total savings when making a purchase at Kmart is on your receipt. The Shop Your Way Rewards site should add an option for viewing your total annual savings. Customers like myself would love to see the total amount of savings we receive on our purchases throughout the year.


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  1. I'm afraid I don't follow you. As far as I have ever seen, the receipt shows the amount you have saved from sale prices for that transaction, if any, as well as Shop Your Way Rewards information (current balance, base points earned for that transaction, bonus points earned, if any, for that transaction, and the next date when points expire). I don't think I've ever seen yearly savings indicated on the receipt. Where do you see this information?

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      When using your rewards card it easily keeps track of purchases so my idea was to have it also keep track of your total savings on each purchase and list it on the Rewards website giving the customer a chance to see their total savings each year. Just like the points that expire after a year, your total annual savings would also reset after Dec 31st.

    2. In response to ericdn

      Now I understand you. That's actually an interesting idea. :)

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