The Chicago Tribune reports that Super Kmarts in Homewood, IL and Tinley Park, IL along with the Kmart in New Lenox, IL are closing. Is this true? If it is, why are Kmart store closing kept so secretive?


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  1. Oops! Once again, the typical denial a store is closing, back in April. But the Homewood Super Kmart closing sale started September 29, as others here stated.

    Will the Tinley Park Super Kmart be next? Will all the remaining ( 20 or so ) Super Kmarts close? Does anyone care besides loyal customers?

  2. Homewood superkmart is going out of bussiness

    1. In response to bart1238

      Are you sure because I keep hearing they are going out of business but when you call they say no.

    2. In response to bart1238

      They lie to you closing sale sep29 also go to the click on Il and homewood-floosmoor page the artice they and I know people who work there

  3. My favorite in Tinley is going strong !
    A big HELLO to the 'ole gang from Yobarps :) !

  4. Hi, KmartFan2. Welcome to the MyKmart Community!

    The initial news coverage was inaccurate. The Chicago Tribune corrected the story. Kmart is looking for retailers who will share the space with the Kmart stores that will continue to operate there.

    Hope this helps! Please feel free to reply with any additional questions!

  5. The article states that they're leasing space on the property of these stores, they're not closing them. Thankfully not closing.

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