Suggestions for a food scale?

Has anyone purchased a food scale recently that you would recommend? I am interested in purchasing a scale but can’t decide on a brand and price range.

All suggestions greatly appreciated!


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  1. Do they work for postal weight? I don't mind giving an extra few cents to the Post Office, but I do mind returned important mail. I would like one that speaks back, but not in the worst way. I hate anything with measurement, and so when people ask about cooking-it is a chore to tell them what I did. Please warn everyone there are bad strains of malware going on and I can't let everyone know. Check the internet for news. Update your security and make adjustments and it still may not be enough. Watch that java, androids, wordpress plug-ins, even the mac. yahoo mail-others too, websites, links, stolen contact info. And thanks for the person here, who suggested I add on the free program for me, because I was not sure, and then I did it after that. But, I did not update the malicious software removal tool and now I am reminded to check for the scan. It is one of the reasons, I come back and participate and of course everyone else who I love talking too, with their suggestions and help. But, I requested my area location be open to change, because I don't like it listed. Hope something can be done. And, an edit.

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      I have found how to change your privacy in your SYWR account and will double check on how we can fix the location in the MyKmart Community for you for this feature is not available at this time.

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      Hope this helps a little bit for you! ;-)

  2. My grandmother use to have one of the older ones, worked great for all those years.

    I did try a digital one about 3 years ago and it worked okay for a while, but then eventually started giving me wrong readings on weight. Since then I have not bothered.

    Let us know what you come up with for I would be interested in knowing ;)

  3. I have one I recently bought but its from the 1940s and works awesome. Pelouze was the manufacturer. I'd take that over all these new digital ones out there now. :-)