Spring is here…or at least it is at Kmart!

I noticed Kmart has started rolling out the spring and summer outdoor decor, seasonal section is once again fully stocked with all sorts of outdoor goods. I totally avoided that area on my last trip to Kmart because I didn’t want to come across something I thought I just MUST have this early in the season. Since I do get paid this week I plan to be heading back to Kmart and will probably end up looking at what there is to offer over in the seasonal section. Any large outdoor lighthouse items I find might end up being put in Lay Away. ;-)


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  1. I also found that spring arrived at my local K, izel! I was super excited to find the Outdoor Living section fully merchandised and looking great. I have a number of Outdoor furniture pieces on my wish list! Let us know what you find when you head back to your local Kmart, izel. Can't wait to hear what you pick out!

    1. In response to laurelS

      We just arrived home from our Kmart trip over to the Saint Johns MI Big Kmart, survived the 30 mile trip home on very icy roads too. I did a quick trip thru the seasonal area to check out the newly arrived spring line. Very impressed with what is there so far but didn't buy anything just yet, waiting a few more weeks. I'm hoping when its warm enough to put out the flowers and garden plants, Kmart will provide a decent selection this year and most of all provide care they need to survive. Most flowers at Kmart are dead from neglect within a week at the stores in my neck of the woods.

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