So maybe I’m getting this wrong or did you just kill off the other community.There were over a million members its like they have been Terminated where did they go.Maybe they’ve all went to that Big Kmart Super Center In The Sky!Nobody seems to no not even the Experts!


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  1. And it's a nice pic too, Alma !!! The kitty seemed to pose for it, LOL !

  2. I miss the Kmartcommunity. But I will try to get use to this new setup here.
    Who knows, maybe after I get use to it I will like it better than the old Kmart site.
    I got my new profile pic, anyway.

  3. Good morning, my friends :) It's good to see all of you who've continued with this newer face of the community !!!
    I agree that the snuffing-out of the other elements of our old community is a set-back... I personally asked to go back into the older pages to retrieve my blogs for copy and was granted access. Laurel was very helpful in making this happen. I'm hoping that the ideas, discussions, blog and picture modules will become a part of this new community very soon ! And I'm always available to chat about this and anything else through

    I certainly miss all of you and our old community... {^~,]

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      :) It's GREAT to at least see a familiar name on here!! Thanks yobarps!

      I'm not too thrilled with this new site, but then again, I am a creature of habit, so maybe I'll get use to this one?!

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      You're welcome, June ! I agree, and like Almalena said, perhaps we'll warm to it ! I'm also so happy to see all of you familiar friends {^^,!!

  4. Hi, bconner. You are correct, the old Community sites have been replaced with this new experience! This new experience brings customers closer to 'home' on's retail site and will be more streamlined. We assure you this experience is a positive change, we hope you will help us build the new community by continuing to share your unique and essential contributions here! Please help us build this new community into a fun and exciting space for all Kmart enthusiasts. We look forward to building this community with your help! Thank you for being a part of this new experience!!

  5. I agree! I do not like this new site! I really liked they old site, it was "our" lil' Kmart community. I don't understand where did all the reviews, ideas, etc. Go?????

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      Hi, frugalmomma2. Thanks for sharing your feedback! Please help us make this new space the same 'lil Kmart Community' we know & love. We need your help to make this space a true community. The reviews you have contributed are still there! You will find your reviews on the product page of the item you reviewed in the 'reviews feed'. You will need to visit the product page on to find the review. The ideas module is not currently available in this new community. We will continue to make updates and changes as we grow here, please feel free to share what you feel is essential for the community as we grow! We want you to feel welcome and at home here. Please do help us create the community feel we know & love!

  6. I feel the same way about this new site, none of those GREAT ideas members submitted along with those members and everything else we've contributed is just gone like it meant nothing. This new site is about half a**, sorry for the language but its the truth. Everyone should share their opinion by clicking the "feedback" link located at the top of the page below your member name next to the "Go Shopping" link.

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      Thanks for sharing this, izel. I am confident we can grow this community over time to meet the needs of our loyal MyKmart members! Please help us work toward making this new space the warm & welcoming community feel we all appreciate. We will continue to work hard to make this space a community that meets your needs. Please help us by continuing to share your thoughts, feelings, questions, and concerns as you have in the past here with us. We truly appreciate your insight!

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      hey, izel. Great to hear you! And great to see you here.