Promotion code invalid

This is my second complaint to Sears/Kmart within 30 days. I do not understand

why there are so many issues with your website. I received an email from

“” on 4/9 with the subject “Franklin –

take $10 to shop at – offer ends April 13!”. The content of the email

says “We’re saying Thanks Franklin. Here’s how to redeem: Sign into

(must be a Shop Your Way member!). Spend $10 or more on clothing, shoes,

jewelry or home goods. Use code 9800826812898650 when you check out. Get

shopping – offer ends April 13!”. I read all the terms and conditions. On 4/11, I

went to and added the item (Item #046W004997382001) priced at

$11.99 in clothing and then when I’m trying to apply the promotion code, it gives

me an error “The system doesnt recognize the promotion code”. I do not

understand why. I chatted with the customer care. They could not help me. They

asked to contact 1.800.991.8708. I called them. She was not able to help after

holding the line for 20 mins. If you guys cannot give a proper promotion, why do

you give invalid codes for fake promotions? LAst month, I had similar kind of

issue with (Order 461036145) where there was a pricing error. After

escalation and waiting for more than 2 weeks, I got my money back. This is really

frustrating each time I have to go through several hurdles for buying an item in

Sears/Kmart. Can someone contact me in this regard? The offer says it expires

4/13. I do not want a reply from you guys after 2 days saying that we are sorry

the offer is expired.


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  1. Hi Frank,

    I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with promotion codes and not being able to obtain information as to why they are not working. This can be quite frustrating when trying to purchase.

    In helping with this issue, I have escalated your concerns to our SYWR team.

    If you can please check back periodically, one of our team members will respond in how they can help you further.

    Thank you and we appreciate your feedback on this issue!

    1. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      Thank you for your prompt response. I look forward for their assistance.

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