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Our lawn is full of weeds, and our soil has a lot of clay. We’d love to resod, but it’s not possible right now. What other steps can we take to make our lawn look better?


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  1. The first step to a healthy lawn is the soil, and three elements essential to supporting healthy soil are organic matter, adequate moisture and air. Begin by applying a thin (1/2 inch or less) layer of screened compost on top of your lawn or spray a high-quality compost tea. Next is soil aeration, which is not only important for promoting root growth and a healthy lawn, it's especially critical when it comes to clay soil. You can do this with a manual core type aerator, or rent a power aerator if your lawn is large. Be sure to water your lawn deeply--this will encourage a deeper and stronger root system for a healthier lawn, which in itself will smother out weeds. Also, mow high and mow often--the higher turf will shade out weed seeds and seedling for progressing further. Leave those grass clippings on your lawn for the organic matter and nitrogen fertilizer they provide. And come next year, apply corn gluten meal (CGM) to an established lawn in early spring. This natural, protein-based pre-emergent applied before weed seeds germinate will keep them from germinating. Good luck!

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