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I’ve been ordering Keurig coffee on for awhile now since I live pretty far from a Kmart store and I seem to go through a lot of coffee so having this option makes it convenient for me to still be able to purchase from Kmart up until the past week or so.

Searching for Keurig coffee brings up a small assortment but when you go to add any of these to the cart for purchase nothing happens. Some list “store pick-up” while others list “ship for free” but it won’t let me order.

Coffee is running LOW and it looks like I have to shift my purchase elsewhere if this problem isn’t fixed soon. I really hate to purchase any product from another retailer if I can buy from Kmart but it seems like these sort of problems have been happening a lot when it comes to online purchases.


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  1. I cheated a bit ; while ordering a book on Amazon for my mother, I picked out a 40pc. assortment pack of pods and a Jeffery Osborne collector's CD, in order to take advantage of free shipping. ! The electricians at work love these pods, and I'll join them tomorrow with some vinegar to rinse out our Keurig machine ! It gets used quite a bit :)

  2. Hi Izel! Uhoh, we must have our coffee! I know this from personal experience. :)

    Can you let me know which brand/flavors you were attempting to purchase so we can research this for you further? I would like to find out if we are just out of stock online or if they are being discontinued so you know for certain.

    Thanks for reaching out! Hope you were able to order enough coffee on to get by for a while.

  3. I was able to finally purchase one flavor of coffee on the site but most all listed are only available for store pick up. I'm happy as long as I can still get some sort of coffee! Angry coffee craving mode. :-)

    1. In response to izel8326

      Hi izel8326,

      I am happy to hear that you were able to purchase one flavor and hopefully before to long all the others will be included for online purchasing and shipping.

      Unfortunately what has happened is that they have removed the shipping options in regards to groceries and consumables a few months back. So until they begin to analyze these products more thoroughly they will not be offered at this time for shipping, they will have to be picked up.

      I know how hard this makes it on you with the distance you have to travel when you run out of some of these products, but hopefully they will be made available soon.

      I just found out that our Kmart is closing at the end of September. My daughter and I had gone shopping last week for some of our favorite brands and stocked up on what was left. Not to much left in the grocery department that's for sure! The sad part of it all is that we will now have to travel over an hour 1/2 for the nearest Kmart now. YIKES!

      Fingers crossed that they will continue to add some of these items back before to long!

    2. In response to izel8326

      I'm sorry to hear of your and Izel's lost stores, Wendy... If this is the future for SHC, then they really need to step the game up for online shopping. Availability is everything for this new wave of obtaining goods. In another thought, this is good news for US Postal services.

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      Thank you yobarps!

      At least with izel's issue it looks like they will slowly be adding groceries and consumables back in.

      As for my case, I was quite shocked for it is one of the nicest Kmart's that I have ever visited. Very well maintained, great staff, but during check out I was speaking with the manager, I told her how much I had liked their location. She had mentioned that many had not, and this is one reason for closure. Very sad faces from the associate and manager for you could tell that they really liked their store.

      So fingers will be crossed for more online shopping on specific items!

    4. In response to izel8326

      Wow... That is truly saddening to hear ! We are all becoming used to hearing about these losses, and I certainly hope that all displaced folks will find replacement work. And these days it seems like we hear that many have found alternatives :) !

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      I'd like to buy some of them Smart Sense Loop drinks again on Kmart(dot)com. I have ordered them before... I read what you wrote about online ordering of consumables BTW.

      And I would like be happy for some Free Shipping (i.e. $65 or $70 etc. subtotal to meet free shipping threshold) promotions that include clearance merchandise.

    6. In response to izel8326

      You too! .. Bummer..
      my Kmart closed 4 years ago. Nearest one is 40 minutes away (24 mile drive I think about). I don't even drive. Sometimes I'm in that area to visit my friend and I go to that store.

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