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I received an email yesterday informing me an order I had placed on had shipped which was odd since I had assumed everything I’ve ordered online has since arrived. Apparently back on December 1st I placed an order for two sets of Christmas lights which are finally on their way. I believe I remember placing the order but shocked its taking this long for them to arrive. Most customers probably would be irate if in my shoes but luckily I’m one of the nice laid back easy going ones who look on the bright side of things, at least I have two brand new sets to use next year. Hope nobody else who would have an issue has this same problem with late shipping. Just wish Kmart would send out emails every now & then to let us customers know they are still working on the order if it takes this long because for those not wanting to wait a cancellation can be placed before its shipped. I don’t mind a long wait as long as I’m getting what I paid for but some people think differently on that.


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  1. Wow! It's a good thing you didn't need those lights, lol!

    The worst online shopping experience I had was with Meijer. I'm not familiar with that store at all because they're not in Texas BUT when I was looking for a fireplace insert online, they showed up in my search with the best price. The item showed it was in stock, so I paid for it and waited for shipping info. And I waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, I called their customer service.

    It turned out that they didn't have the item, it was on back order, and the earliest they expected to get any was 6 weeks away! (I ordered it in mid-November and the earliest ESTIMATED re-stock date was Dec. 28!) This was a pricey item and I was madder than a hornet because they took my money, didn't tell me they didn't have any, and, even worse, had a lengthy back order period they didn't reveal until I called.

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      Meijer is a Michigan based store which is starting to follow in the footsteps of Walmart since the death of its founder Fred Meijer. During my childhood growing up here in Michigan it was common to see Meijer & Kmart operate side by side with little competition between them since they both held their own identity and the current standard of aggressive retail competition wasn't seen as a priority back then. Now days, like Walmart, Meijer really pushes the cheap Chinese junk but then again I have to speak highly of their food department because they have a lot going for them in that area. The store brand food products for one are some of the best. The check-out experience is ****, even with all lanes open they are always full unless you go late at night. It reminds me of a super busy H-E-B on steroids mixed with Walmart. Fun times. lol

  2. Hi, izel! Sorry to hear there was some delay in receiving your lights but wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your positive attitude, as always! :) I will certainly send your feedback to the appropriate team for consideration regarding the email notifications you suggested.

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      The lights arrived about ten minutes ago, figure Kmart ran out at some point because these were shipped from the actual manufacturer. If only this wind would let up a little I could put them up on the pine tree I had in mind. :-) (Brite Star Old Fashioned) lights are the way to go.

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