Kmart store closings?

I am hearing that the Super Kmart in Morgantown, WV and the last Kmart in Charlotte may be closing. A friend from the Charlotte area said that the Charlotte store stopped accepting new Layaway orders and employees were removing some price slips. Rumors about the Morgantown store seem to be spreading around. Does anyone know for certain if those stores are closing?


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  1. Charlotte KMart is history. Conover, NC, 38 miles away, also history. I do not expect Pineville or Gastonia to be around past 2015. There are a few overpriced items left in Charlotte but the store is about7 5% clear as of the 3rd when I was there. Pineville and Gastonia stores are showing a lot of familiar signage that I saw here before they closed.

  2. I was working when the kmart store closed in Panama City, fl. If they are taking down the labels on the rack, there are big signs sayin big blow out sale, that is the first step of the liquidation.

  3. It is now :(

  4. yes Morgantown WV is closing in Dec. I am assigned to part of the liquidation that statrts Sept 29th, i apologize for your loss

  5. Hi, NickE. I was able to confirm there are no current plans to close these locations. Hope this helps!

  6. I'm quite sure these stores are not closing if so it'd be very unfortunate.

  7. Hi, NickE. I am researching these stores for you! Please check back soon for any additional insights I am able to provide.

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