What is Kdollar? Is it a separate store or just an in-store brand? I have seen signs for it in stores and on the Kmart Wikipedia page. Is Kmart starting their own chain of dollar stores? That would be neat!


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  1. Does anybody have any pictures or information to share?

    This is (or was), (or could be) a fantastic idea...

  2. Hi Everyone!

    We have finally been able to locate the information you had requested. Thank you for waiting patiently while we had researched further into this topic.

    Please click here for further information on KDollar.

    Thank you! ;)

  3. There getting ready to saturate the Dollar Store Market with K DOLLAR Stores.Capital Idea There Lowering The Old KABOOM On The!No seriously I no there are already to many Dollars Stores out There.How about a $5.00-$10.00 store.Kresskemart 5 and 10 now thats and original.The way there printing money now you might be adding alot of zeros to that name over the next year or two.Probably going to be a boom $$$$ for Discount Stores!!!!But will there be any KMARTS left?Can anybody answer that Question out there in Cyber Space?


  5. Reading this caused a little bit of confusion for me since I'm a hardcore Kmart fan and never heard of this or saw any signage for it but it did give me a great idea for a new store concept. Open up a new line of smaller Kmart stores similar to the Kmart Express opened in Puerto Rico (not to be confused with the gas stations.) Call these new smaller stores Dollar K. These would carry your basics along with the lower priced items more affordable to those on a tight budget. The stores would be similar to your typical Family Dollar/Dollar General stores but with all the benefits found at Kmart such as the ability to use your Shop Your Way Rewards, Sears/Kmart credit cards and the option to put your merchandise on Lay Away.

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      There are some pictures on the SYW website, some stores I am following put them up. There is one picture with the kdollar sign hanging on the front of the building under the Kmart logo. Also, you can see the kdollar logo on the Kmart Wikipedia site....

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      Also, I just found this on Wikipedia, it says that "KDollar is a chain of discount stores/dollar stores, that sell Kmart merchandise at a discount. The stores are often former Kmart or Big Kmart stores that have been converted to the KDollar concept. Sears Brands filed for a trademark on the KDollar name on November 6, 2012." This is kind of exciting! I think it's a good concept! And I Like the logo, it is vintage looking!

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      I don't understand. If they're selling Kmart merch at a discount then why would people shop at the regular K or It seems like they'd be competing with themselves and not making as much money!

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      I think they function sorta like a TJ Maxx, but they stock Kmart's clearance merchandise. This is where clearance merchandise goes last. I would think they would also carry merchandise from Kmart's that closed in the past. That's what I think. Not sure, though.

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      Oh, I see. I hope that wouldn't mean the end of clearance at the regular Kmarts! I save a LOT of money shopping their end-of-season clearance sales!

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      Hullo, Tea. What I meant to say they might send it to Kdollar if it does not still not sell at regular Kmarts. Stores will always have clearance at some or another. Kdollar prices are maybe 10 to 15% cheaper than the lowest tagged price. I believe they converted a Kmart in Bloomfieled Heights, MI to this concept as a "liquidation center" and I believe Kdollar is what they call it now.

  6. Hi Deb. I am not aware of any Kdollar affiliation with Kmart but I will be happy to investigate further and share any information I am able to dig up with you!

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      Thank you Laurel, I found a little info in Wikipedia....sounds like a neat new concept!

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