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Just installed new septic system so entire lawn was re-seeded (by ontractor). Other than watering early morning and at dusk, what other steps should be taken to ensure the grass takes and fills in properly. Also, the edging in the yard abuts property that is unoccupied and overgrown with trees, vines and other weed-like growth. What can I plant on the edge of my yard to blend in? I would just like it to have various wild flowers growing to soften the edges without requiring much upkeep. Would various seed packets that you can buy do the trick? My friend told me she tried some that they never grew. I don’t have much gardening experience so need basic advice. I live in RI. Thank you


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  1. I always recommend that after reseeding or seeding a new lawn, to cover the area with a 1/8 - 1/4 inch layer of seedling mix or compost. After that the main thing is to water well and keep the area slightly moist until seedlings are established. Once seedlings are established, you want to make sure that when you do water that you water deeply to encourage a deeper root system.

    As to your second question, it sounds like the edge of your yard is mostly shady given the fact that you have overgrown trees. A wild flower mix will work as long as it's a mix designed for shady areas--you will be more limited as to what flowering edge/border plants you can grow in shade. A few options you might want to consider that are hardy for your area include bleeding heart (Dicentra), forget-me-nots (Myosotis), periwinkle (Vinca minor), violets (Viola), and lungwort (Pulmonaria).

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