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Is there any chance that Kmart would consider carrying heirloom (or at least open-pollinated)vegetables plants? I think that would go a long way with the public.


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  1. Many K-Mart stores do carry either heirloom, open-pollinated or both, but the selection varies from store to store. I live near a small town of 22,000 and the garden department at our K-Mart store is limited, yet I was able to find two heirloom tomato varieties--German Johnson and Yellow Pear--and one open-pollinated, Black Cherry. You might check back as every week I see more selections at my K-Mart store. I agree that we need to get more heirloom and open-pollinated varieties in the store, and that starts with letting the store manager know that there is a demand for these varieties. I will let my contacts know as well. Thanks for posting this and Happy Gardening!

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