Is the Cedar Rapids, IA (East) store really closing?

You already closed the West location two years ago and since then the East side has done tremendous business. Online sales will NOT replace foot traffic for everyday items that Kmart sells. If this is indeed true, may I suggest remodeling and re-opening the West side? Maybe with a Sears appliance/electronics division? There’s an untapped market for that over here on this side of town!


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  1. Hi, Blue_Light_Bliss. Welcome to the MyKmart Community! Two locations in the Cedar Rapids area were closed in 2011 (2727 16th Ave., Cedar Rapids & 3616 W Kimberly Rd Davenport, IA), there are no current plans to close any additional Kmart locations in the Cedar Rapids area at this time.

    Hope this helps! Thanks for sharing your question here!

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      The same day the above Kmart response is posted, the CR Gazette says another Kmart to close in CR. Does KMart really know what is going on?

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      I just saw on that Kmart is closing! How horrible is this! Please consider moving back to the empty west side location! I hate walmart and Kmart made gave me another option other than walmart! Kmart is just a necessity!

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      Hi, cyfan2. This news was just released. I am very sorry to hear this location is being closed.