I wanted to get a shop your way rewards card, but don’t have nor want to have an e-mail acct. They told me without an e-mail I can’t get a card. Is this true? Why?

I am elderly and not wanting e-mail. I don’t like computers. Is this fair to leave out people (older ones) like me?


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  1. The Shop Your Way Rewards program is a fully digital program now, so all Account information is associated with a Member's email address and phone number. The email address is required for registration and is used to access Account info online and in-store.

    Shop Your Way Rewards and Kmart has a very strict privacy policy that ensures your Account information is safe and is not distributed to third parties. You can manage your email settings online should you feel that you are receiving email too frequently from Shop Your Way or Kmart.

    Hope this helps you understand why Shop Your Way requires an email address for registration. Feel free to reply with any additional questions or concerns! Hope you decided to register for Shop Your Way Rewards. It's a great way to earn points and save money. Please go to now to register online!

    1. In response to laurelS

      It is a bit disappointing for people without access to email to miss out on the program. The change to requiring email is a marketing tool, as you never needed one before, and customers from that time frame still are not required to have one. I would recommend having a friend or family member create an email account for you, as you never actually have to access the account for any reason regarding earning points with the program. It seems like a bit of an annoyance to go through, but the rewards usually offered to members makes it worth it.