I need to merge my accounts in order to use my points on an item that is on sale until today. Have been waiting on the telephone over 25 minutes

It seems that I have more than one account, and I guess this is because i downloaded the Shop your Way app today. That was the recommendation of a salesperson in kmart the other day, so that I could have easy access to my points. Turns out now it has complicated everything.


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  1. Hi Marilina,

    Thank you for posting in the MyKmart Community!

    I am so sorry that you have had to wait that length of time. That is quite a long time to get this issue taken care of. The associate was right, you can only use 1 account during a purchase.

    As you continue to try and get through by phone, have you also tried sending an email? At times you can get a quick response by doing so.

    I tried to see if there was another number that you can use, but unfortunately there is only the one number. 1.800.991.8708

    I know this does not help much for I had even tried using the MyKmart "chat", but they are not able to merge the accounts on their end.

    My hope is that you can get through soon.

    Again, I am sorry that I was unable to help you further in getting your accounts merged.

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