I need to find out about comforters for an on-line order?

Hi! I was looking for a comforter and spotted two from Cannon. Since the sheets that I purchased seem to be working out, I want to see if I can get in an order before my free shipping expires. In fact, how do we find that out, because my last notice said 15 days and I can’t remember when that was. In any case, only one has reviews, and I need to know the thickness of it, and whether I can use it doubled on the floor for sleeping and on a bed for the same comfort. I have to decide between a twin and a queen. I am mostly looking for it to not bunch up after being washed, and for it to remain cushioned. I will take any advice as I have not seen a Cannon comforter in general. There are two:

Cannon Watercolor Floral Comforter
Cannon Pinwheel Floral Comforter


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  1. Hi, For2Day. I did some research on this for you and found that both comforters consist of a polyester blend fabric and are machine washable. I found a few good reviews on the Cannon Watercolor Floral Comforter, though neither reviews speak to washability or density of the comforter to address your need to use as padding to sleep on. I would recommend visiting a Kmart store if you have a chance to get a better look at the density of the comforter as this is the only way you will know for certain if it will indeed meet your specific needs. I believe you would be pleased with the purchase but it is likely best to have a chance to touch the fabric and test the density yourself in this case.

    Regarding free shipping, can you share a bit more about the specific offer? I'll be happy to help you research this further as well.

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      I thank you for your time Laurel. I ordered in the blue to go with the sheets I bought, and my general love of the color. If I shopped in the store throwing things in and out of the cart like I do on-line, I would be thrown out of the store. I did encounter some trouble, as one of my American Express gift cards was not accepted, so I had a different type of card to use. I also had two Kmart gift cards, and a grand total of one cent in my shop your way rewards to apply. I took the three month shop your way max/ free shipping, and I am hoping to order a co-axil cable for my tv antenna. So, in my rush, I forgot, and now hope to find out how many days of free shipping I have left.

    2. In response to laurelS

      Hi, For2Day ! I do alot of online ordering... Good luck on the comforter and the coax cable. If you need help with the antenna, I'm at :):) !

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