I need to ask about on-line ordering using the promotional codes/coupons

I was mailed a coupon for my birthday, if I purchase at least $30. I saw, as I was looking at my cart that there are additional offers in the deals center. There was $10 in points for a $50 offer. I clicked on it and then read not to be used with any other coupon. So, now what does this mean. I have to undo that offer to use my e-mail coupon? This is also a general question, since I am not used to checking this section and go by what comes into my e-mail. I am trying to get in an order before the sale price changes, and I think that is tomorrow?


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  1. Hi, For2Day! Sounds as if a Happy Birthday wish is in order!

    Different exclusions apply for each unique offer. I would recommend contacting the Customer Service team at 1-866-562-7848), from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. (CT) Monday - Sunday or click here to chat live with a Customer Service Representative who can help you through the checkout process!

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      Thank you, and I have used the live chat and suggested it, yet that totally slipped my mind. My order is ringing up a dollar more than it should with the coupon. I put things in and out of my cart and found some of my answers. I am debating now on a blender, but may just get one item and use the coupon before it expires. What else I wanted is out at the moment. If only, I could see the items in person, I could make a fast decision.

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      Happy Belated Birthday For2day!

      It is great to hear that you had found a blender that met your needs. I agree whole heartily on visually as well as physically touching this item before purchasing.

      There have been so many times that I have ordered items and have had to return for they ended up not as I thought. This can be so frustrating.

      Hopefully the item that you had your heart set on will be back in stock before to long!

      Have a great weekend!

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      I kept changing my mind and then was not going to order anything. But, I did get the blender after all. I was interested in the Sandra Lee that had a pour mechanism for drinks and it was inexpensive/sale. I now kind of still want it. But, there were no reviews and I am primarily buying it to blend ice and make certain foods. and it was plastic I think. Still worth it for someone else who is interested. I hope that my points come in before my free shipping expires next week and the item comes in, so I can make another order. I probably would have bought the iron but that was not for shipping right now. I have to order it from Amazon where they have a lot of choices. I will leave the brand for people to read-Panasonic. Pretty good reviews and some of them are at Kmart-but I did not check Sears.

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      That's great!

      Let us know how the blender works out for you. I know for myself I have always had better luck with glass pitchers, but am very interested to know if it a light weight plastic or a heavier type.

      Did you find an iron that helps with the smaller issues of ironing? Even though I do not iron a whole lot since leaving my physical job, I have always had issues trying to get a good iron around zippers or buttons. It always seems to leave some sort of lighter colored mark, even when I would turn down the heat. You would think it would fade, but they never do, not sure why that is, just figured maybe it had to do with iron since I have had it for quite a while.

      Would love some updates on your products, you never know when something may break down when you least expect it. ;)

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