I bought an Electronic Battleship game for my son for Christmas using the buy online and pickup in store feature, which I love. However, someone taped the shipping lable/envelope directly over the front box of the game. These labels are VERY STICKY..even though I tried getting it off VERY SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY, the sticky tape ended up pulling off a couple of hunks of the box and picture. In the future, PLEASE put your items in a sealed bag with these shipping labels on the outside of a sealed bag. Its very disappointing to have your items package damaged trying to get these labels off. I really like for my game boxes to not be damaged. Thank you Mary Johnson

PLEASE notify your shipping departments NOT To do this and don’t put them on the back either where some of the game instructions are. Put items in sealed bags.


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  1. Next time try It comes right to your door and packaged perfectly, I've never had a sticky anything from Amazon or the third party vendors.

    How much of the paper is missing off of the box? You could try covering the area with Christmas stickers.

    Tape over barcodes sounds like malicious intent to me, anyone who has worked retail knows better than that.

  2. As a Kmart employee, I can sympathize with what you went through with the shipping label. The department I work in the most is electronics, and I find those labels covering boxes all the time - covering pictures, product information, and, even worse, the barcodes!! Unfortunately, I doubt merchandise is going to be shipped in individual bags - that would dramatically increase costs which would ultimately have to be passed down to customers. I started working at Kmart back in 2001, and the problem with shipping labels being pasted all over the place was exactly the same then as it is now.