I am having a great many problems with my local k-mart

three weeks ago I wanted to buy at my local binghamton ny kmart a schwinn wayfarer mens 700 bicycle whoever but it togeather was ab idiot the brakes where non existant the kickstand and seat were loose it was a wreck and probably should not have been for sale at all. but the manager a lady named val a real nasty rude person said I should put it on layaway and when the bike guy came in he would fix it. well the head electronics guys said it would be better if they had it fixed before it should be sold so every week for the past three plus weeks I’ve called and stopped by repeatedly and the say the bike guy has’nt been in today I called customer service the CSR called the binghamton manager Val up and outside of being rude and unpleasant she told me the bike guys been in regularly but because I did’nt put it on layaway it hasnt been fixed. whereupon she told to go elsewhere to buy this bike,,,I mean how massively rude could a kmart store manager be?


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  1. Hi dppicalila!

    We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback on this issue. i am very sorry to hear of this issue and would like to forward your concerns on to the appropriate management team. Please confirm the address below.

    33 West State ST
    Binghamton, NY 13901

    Thank you!

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