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how do I get rid of a very fine (like grass weed) that is spreading to all my yard, I have St. Agustine grass and used a product that says “kill the weed, not the lawn, but it kills the lawn too. Desperate


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  1. Corn gluten meal (CGM) is an organic, protein-based pre-emergent weed killer that works well on crab grass, black medic and other annual weeds. The key is pre-emergent, which means that it needs to be applied before weed seeds germinate. As far as a safe "weed and feed" for St. Augustine grass, you want to stay away from any products containing 2,4-D, which can kill St. Augustine grass. Products containing the herbicide Atrazine--which is also a pre-emergent--are generally safe to use on St. Augustine grass; for a post-emergent herbicide, look for products containing asulam. All bets are off, however, if your lawn is a mixture of grasses, even if St. Augustine is the prominent grass. For the safety of your lawn, family and pets, it's best to opt for the least toxic product you can find, which lists "Caution" on the label as opposed to "Warning" or "Danger". Good luck!

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