Hi Misty -Mike-and Laurel—I have not received answers to my question dated 10/2/12…..could someone please get back to me?


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  1. Hi, pmmwi. I will do my best to answer each question individually below.

    Your questions:
    Q: when is kmart going to turn aorund and start open 5-20 stores per year?
    -As of today, there is no public information available suggesting a plan to open 5-20 stores per year. Kmart is working to improve profitable existing Kmart stores and focusing on improving the online experience for all Kmart customers.

    Q: When is kmart going to open smaller format stores like they did in the 1970s called group 9 stores?
    -As of today, there is no public information to suggest this plan is in the roadmap.

    Q: I see kmart stores closing weekly, can you open up stores in profitable markets?
    - As of today, there is no public information to suggest this plan is in the roadmap.

    Q: Who at SHC makes the decision to close a sears and convert it to a kmart? May I have their name so I can write them a letter?
    - The leadership team of SHC makes these decisions. Please feel free to submit a letter here via email:

    Or mail to:
    Sears Holdings Corporation
    3333 Beverly Road
    Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

    Q: 3 kmart stores closed in Madison, WI. yet there are 2 sears stores. Can 1 of these sears stores be converted to a kmart? this area serves over 500,000 people, and the nearest kmarts are more then 30 miles away. Can we get one store in Madison please?
    - As of today, there is no public knowledge of a plan for opening a new Kmart in Madison unfortunately. The closest location to you appears to be:
    1309 N High ST
    Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
    30 Mile(s) away

    We hope you will visit this Kmart location or take advantage or Kmart's online shopping experience.

    Q: Clay Wahl with SHC was quoted ad saying you dont need to spend 5 million dollars on store remodels. can you spend something? parking lots, outdoor signs, entrances, paint jobs, please?
    - Existing Kmart locations are undergoing renovations and improvements. For a specific example, Kmart in Morganton, NC was recently painted (exterior) and the parking lot was resurfaced.

    Q: If kmart was founded on low price and value, why dont they ad match? I KNOW they cant beat walmart on price, but recent surveys have shown kmart is 25% higher than target and walmart nationwide. SSK did not create kmart to have high prices.
    - Kmart offers many promotions, Rewards and coupon offers throughout the year and offers a unique product selection for Kmart customers. The company has chosen to focus its efforts on providing unique offers and promotions to loyal customers and has chosen not to focus on price matching with other retailers.

    Q: I heard 1 yr ago kmart would announce a new strategy. what is it?
    - Please view all press releases for Sears Holding in the past year to learn more about Kmart's strategy for the past twelve months:

    Thanks for sharing your questions here. I hope I was able to provide sufficient answers to all your questions! For any further questions, please reach out here or via the email address/physical address listed above.

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