Have you written a review lately?

Have any of you tried writing a review on recently? We changed up the functionality to make it better and clearer for you!

We would love to hear your feedback-what do you like or dislike? Have you noticed the format is a bit different when searching for a review-easier to navigate? The reviews are more prominent on the product pages, as we realize reviews help so much when making a purchasing decision. Click here to see an example of the new review layout.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts-we want to know what you think!


4 answers

  1. Oh, good point. I need to leave a review of the suitcase I bought at Kmart for my trip! I couldn't have asked for a better, sturdier, more lightweight case and at an incredibly reasonable price! That thing took some serious abuse and emerged in perfect condition. I need to review it!

  2. Surprisingly, I left a review just now. I haven't writtenone in a while so I can't remember how the old format was.
    For2Day makes a good point: I think a lot of people may think they have to purchase the item AT Kmart. I'm not sure if that's the case or not. I write reviews for everything I use whether or not I buy it at Kmart.
    I wish more items available at Kmart would be on the review site.
    I have found many things at my store that are great, like my wireless doorbell, but could not find it on the review site.

  3. I have never written a review here, because I was waiting to purchase something. I also do not like that we have no ability to discuss with the people interested in the item. I don't like to refer anything, unless I can figure out whether it would suit more people than myself. I did find some products that I have, but I also was not sure if we had to purchase them at Kmart. I think that people do not know if they still get points for doing so, and may be less inspired. I have left review sites, because it was not my type of scene and that is why I came here. I do appreciate that this one allows us to do some discussing, but I miss the community. That includes the workers who were in discussion and volunteered their thoughts and assistance. You won't find that anywhere else at this point.

    1. In response to For2Day

      Your words could not resemble my thoughts more, For2Day ! It was such a nice community, and the warmth and cleverness of it's components suited my writing style to a tee ! The shopping part of the community is understandible from a business sense, but we're missing the comfy/cozy pit around the hearth which we enjoyed returning to at the end of each day.... :}