Has there been a problem with the check readers at all the stores? I had to write 2 different checks, and neather would scan. I was told, by a CSR, that my first check would not scan, because my signature went below the signature line, and touched a number below the line. My second check, I was very careful not to let my signature go below the line, but it wouldn’t scan ! Very embarrassing! Had to use another form of payment, glad I had one!

I want to shop again, but without any further embarrassment.


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  1. Sorry you had problems with your checks. It's certainly not a company-wide issue. Sometimes a check reader on one individual cash register can malfunction. Unfortunately, our equipment is rather old, so it helps if there is no writing over the numbers on the very bottom of the check, if there are no tears, rips, or wrinkles on the check, and so on. Fortunately, malfunctioning check readers can be repaired or replaced, but it does take some time to get this taken care of. Generally, registers that are known to have problems are not assigned to cashiers unless absolutely necessary, and, at this time of year, every single cash register in the store is likely to be used. If a cashier knows that a certain register is having problems, then he or she can and should announce to every customer that a certain form of payment (such as checks) can't be accepted at that register. We know it can be disappointing for a customer if he or she has no other form of payment and would have to wait in another line, but, unfortunately, we don't just keep spare parts lying on the shelves underneath our registers.

  2. Hey, I still write checks too! Nothing to be embarrassed about, the heads on the readers probably need to be cleaned. I write checks so there is no doubt about the amount or how much is withdrawn from my account. Especially at Kmart where people are double charged sometimes, because their equipment is from the stone age.

    The reader should of been able to read your check even with the signature going beyond the line. The numbers are printed with a special magnetic ink and the reader can still pick up the numbers.

    1. In response to ServiceLocally

      Double-charging is extraordinarily rare, and is usually the result of human error rather than computer error. I've never had a double charge with any of my customers, and I make sure I know exactly what the cash register is doing at all times to avoid any unwanted "surprises." I have actually asked customers not to swipe their credit or debit cards before I'm ready, and I explain to them that I want to make sure there are no problems that could be caused by an early swipe. While some customers get "offended" that a cashier is telling a customer what and what not to do, most understand and appreciate my help so that they don't get charged more than they should, or crash the cash register, etc.

  3. Hi mcclar! Thanks for visiting MyKmart today! Can you let us know what Kmart store you encountered this issue? We can pass your experience on to make sure they know of the problems you had.

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