Favorite Health & Fitness, Wellness Reading?

What resources do you use for health & fitness, wellness information? Do you have a favorite author or website? A favorite blog? Let us know where you go for all things health & fitness!


3 answers

  1. I to like to Google first, then make a trip to my local Natural Market, so many good products out there. Most health foods and supplement companies have a website or a 1-800 number and are happy to recommend products, they also encourage feedback.

  2. I too normally Google but as of late I have been using the iBodyFit for help with diet and my exercises. For health issues I use WebMD quite a bit. I find the website to be very informational and can normally find the answers that I am looking for pretty quickly.

  3. I subscribe to Fitness magazine. It is still one of my favorites! I am also often just googling information whenever I have a random fitness question. I would love to hear of a good blog that covers fitness and wellness, though!

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