Are You Avid Reader?

If you love to read, what type of books are you interested in?

When growing up I had read a little bit of my mom’s as well as my dad’s. My mother was a huge fan of Harlequin where my dad loved the westerns by Louis L ‘Amour.

As I continued to get older I shifted my reading to more of the horror and thriller books up until I had kids. Then my reading shifted again to DIY projects, mysteries and self-help books.

What are your favorites and has your reading shifted throughout the years?


3 answers

  1. I am a pretty avid reader. I usually like popular fiction-such as Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, that I read this year. Lately, I have been very into non-fiction, as well. Lots of memoirs, especially!

  2. I've been occasionally reading the one samurai detective series by Laura Joh Rowland. I'm looking to finish The Cloud Pavilion and then read Shinju (1st book.). Excellent mystery series!

    1. In response to PrincessAM

      Hi PrincessAM,

      It has been quite a while since I have read a mystery! I appreciate you sharing the author so I can check this series out. :-)

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