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I have spent more than 10k a year for almost 3 years now. That will most likely change in 2014. Why? Because corporate continues to close down kmarts near me I don’t shop online nor do I intend to if and when all the kmarts close I don’t shop at sears either. I loved the Super Kmarts that you are currently closing in Round lake and Homewood Il. It’s feels like a stab in the back when finding out as well your closing them because you sold them to a competitor like MEIJER, they were doing good but you soldout to a competitor because you wanted the quick cash. Who would want to be loyal to a company that sells out like that? And unfortunately you’ve been doing this for awhile. Not everyone will go to your internet sites, brick and motor will always be around and Kmart could be a contender but its obvious corporate has already given up. So turn Kmart into your real estate company and keep losing loyal customers like myself. Once the real estate is gone and the online websites are all that’s left, you’ll have been successful at making a once mightly retailer into a small online startup with less of a chance of survival than Pathetic…


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  1. I usually avoid this topic, but I would have to agree with Vinny. I was in need of a vacuum cleaner belt lately and went to my local K. Not only was the selection grim for belts and bags, there was this older couple there who were practically crying because they had repeatedly checked for the stock to return, but to no avail... Not everyone will switch over to online ordering, nor should they have to... What a terrible dilemma !

  2. Hi vinny101.

    We appreciate you coming in and sharing your concerns with us in the MyKmart Community on store closures!

    Your feedback has been forwarded!

    Thank you!

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