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Growing Gardeners

When it comes to fun spring activities for kids, gardening tops the list. Gardening with kids is an ideal family activity that is inexpensive and can be done right in your own backyard. The hobby doesn’t require a lot of space, or even land. Try these five kid-friendly gardening projects that nurture green thumbs.
1. Plant seeds
Seeds are an ideal way to teach kids about the cycle of life. Let your children choose a variety of vegetable and flower seed packets, which gives you the opportunity to… See More

Rainy-Day Activities for Creative Kids

Rainy-day fun can brighten the gloomiest day. Choose engrossing activities to keep your kids busy and they’ll forget they have to stay inside.

For active play, kids of every age love to set up forts in the family room. Drape sheets or blankets on cleared-off tables or have the children bring out their fabric tent. Then, let them decide whether they are pirates, explorers or mysterious forest creatures. Be part of their play, but encourage them to invent their own imaginary adventures.
Quiet crafts… See More

Ground Covers for your Garden

There was a time when the term “ground cover” had me thinking of only plants that hugged the ground. Of course low-growing plants like woolly and creeping thyme, carpet bugle, blue star creeper and Irish moss were no brainers. But I learned long ago that when it comes to gardening–and to life for that matter–you’ll never experience the full beauty that lies beyond everyday standards unless you think outside the box.

Sure, ground-hugging plants like blue star creeper and pachysandra certainly… See More

Simple Substitutions for a Healthier Diet

Get rid of sugary breakfast cereals
While many cereals boast fiber or protein content, they’re also packed with sugar and require multiple servings to keep you feeling full. You could turn to egg whites and a piece of whole wheat toast, or make the less drastic switch to oatmeal. Oatmeal is a surprisingly diverse food. And it plays well with other healthful options like fruits, yogurts, seeds, powders and honey. Having a water kettle makes oatmeal even easier to make.
Get more from your greens
Get… See More

Spice up the Staycation with Backyard Fun

Staycations are a great way to save money, but they’re not good for recharging the battery if you don’t find new ways to enjoy what’s around you. Part of the reason people get away is to get out of the routines they’re in and start fresh. You can do that without getting away, but it helps to mix things up and have some fun. One of the first places to start is right in your backyard. Actually it is your backyard. Some fun new games like sacks (or bags), badminton, lacrosse and horseshoes can… See More

Five Fragrant Plants to Add to Your Garden This Spring

As warm winds and gentle rains beckon you back to your garden this spring, consider transforming your outdoor space into an oasis of intoxicating smells. Here are five aromatic plants that will make your garden smell like heaven.
Tea olive tree
There are few aromas as incredibly sweet as the smell of Osmanthus fragrans. The tea olive tree loves warm, sunny spots and moist soil. Best of all, it blooms multiple times a year, showering its delicious perfume over passersby throughout the spring, summer… See More

House Cleaning Schedule

Keeping up with our homes can be overwhelming. Working all day and then coming home to your second job of taking care of your family and home can really zap your energy. Without a daily plan, your house can spin out of control in days. I’ve found that a daily schedule of things that MUST be done helps the entire family. I’ve created a daily cleaning chart that will help you (AND your family) keep up with the simple weekly chores that will keep your house clean and tidy.  Remember this chart… See More

Small-Space Vegetable Gardens!

If your space for gardening is limited, solving the problem takes only your imagination. With sun, moisture, and 8 to 18 inches of prepared soil, any plant will grow. Start by selecting plants that are especially compact or that can be trellised. Add to this approach intercropping and successive planting and you double and triple your harvests from even a very small space.
Vertical Gardens
Where there is little space to grow out, grow up. Many vegetables and some fruits grow just as well vertically… See More

Easy Food Dehydrator Recipes for Beginners

Warm weather is on the way and dehydrating foods is a terrific way to easily pack some of your favorite snacks for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. Dehydrated snacks are delicious anytime, of course, and also make it easy to store foods that don’t lend themselves well to canning.

Never used a dehydrator before? No worries. Here are some tips and great basic dehydrator recipes you are sure to enjoy!


While there are options for drying foods in the oven or in the air,… See More

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