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Spring Hiking and Basic Gear

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to hit the trails. Before heading out for that inaugural first hike of the season, take time to organize your day hike and backpacking essentials. Never head out for any hike without the right gear.
What to take hiking
Whether striking out for a short or long hike, every hiker should carry basic essentials. These include:

A first aid kit
Compass and a map
Water, plus a way to purify water
Extra clothing plus rain gear
Sunscreen, sunglasses… See More

Gardening: Farm-to-Table Cooking

Home cooking allows you to select healthy recipes made from fresh, natural ingredients without the additives found in processed foods. Processed foods often contain high levels of sodium, saturated fats, chemicals and sugar. The average American eats as much as 22 teaspoons of sugar daily, much of it from processed foods. One of the healthiest and tastiest ways to ditch the processed foods is to indulge in farm-to-table cooking.
What is farm-to-table cooking?
Farm-to-table cooking begins with buying… See More

Family Fun with Easter DIY Crafts

Easy DIY Easter crafts
Dress your kids in bunny ears for Easter. Make ears by stapling or gluing construction paper ears to a paper headband that circles a child’s head above the eyebrows. First, help kids draw and cut out two long graceful ears. Have them color a pink center on the front of each oval, to look like the inside of the ear. Wrap a paper band around the child’s head, mark the size, remove and staple. Staple or glue the ears to the inside of the back of the band (with the prongs of… See More

Bringing Home a New Puppy

Once you make the decision to adopt a puppy, preparing your home for a young dog takes careful consideration. As cute as they are, puppies can turn your organized home into chaos and can accidentally leave their mark on places not designed for uncontrolled “puppy love.”
What to get before getting a puppy

Bedding—Whether you plan to keep your puppy confined to one area of your home or you prefer to turn baby Fido loose to roam, put comfortable and washable bedding in every room that will… See More

Healthy Smoothies

You can’t beat a healthy smoothie recipe for a quick energy boost when you want a guiltless snack or as a way to control a weight loss program at breakfast and lunch.
“Get going” breakfast smoothie
Everyone needs an energy boost in the morning from foods that contain a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins. Not only does this healthy smoothie recipe take only 15 minutes, you also have all day to work off smoothie calories.

1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries
1/2… See More

How to Plant a Salad Garden

I don’t know about you, but salad was always at the dinner table when I was a child. A lot of time has passed since then, but I still enjoy a salad nearly every day. Back then the salads of my youth consisted of plain iceberg lettuce and tomatoes swimming in dressing. Then I discovered the tasty side of salads made with gourmet greens tossed with lots of fresh veggies. So 20 years ago I decided to toss up our own garden-fresh gourmet greens and veggies by growing a salad garden. And so can you.

It… See More

Name that Bloom

Finally! Color is starting to poke through the earth. Three cheers for these precocious blooms. How many pictured below can you name?
1: Green thumb you are not
2: Flower plower
3: Good friend of a green thumb
4: Flowerologist’s aide
5: You know your flowers!

These blooms signal spring and weather that gets you back into the yard. Speaking of the yard, maybe you need a few things to get it in order. Check our Daily Deals for great prices.

1. In Latin this translates to “garlic”… See More

Staying Organized in the Laundry Room

The laundry room probably isn’t one of your biggest concerns when thinking about getting organized around the house, but chaos in the laundry room can spill into the rest of your home.  Let’s work on getting it under control.  Instead let’s shoot for” controlled chaos”!  The only time laundry ever really seems organized is when it neatly folded and put away a drawer in the bedroom. Other than that it’s CHAOS.  The dirty laundry bin – the laundry baskets in the bathroom – even the… See More

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