Lighting Techniques to Brighten Up Your Home

Are there corners or rooms in your home that look dreary and dull because they lack appropriate lighting or access to sunlight? Do you wish you could brighten up your home with interesting, fresh lighting techniques that offer something more than the traditional table lamp or ceiling fixture? It’s easy to do. You just need to consider some of the options that you have.

Once you do so, you’ll have a few ideas that you can build upon to soften shadows, brighten up corners, and showcase those special areas that exist in your home. In fact, incorporating just a few different styles of lighting can showcase your home using illuminating techniques that interior designers frequently recommend to their clients.

Special Ways to Brighten Your Home’s Interiorkitchen lighting

There are several different styles of lighting you can use to illuminate your home in ways that bring enjoyable warmth and cheery brightness to your home. Ambient lighting, uplighting, backlighting and task lighting are some of the most common illuminating techniques used by interior designers.

Ambient lighting fills your room with soft, indirect illumination that’s otherwise known as general lighting. Ceiling fixtures are commonly used because they allow illumination to fill the room with light that makes it easy to see everything. The Storyhill 13-inch Flush Mount Ceiling Light in an oil-rubbed bronze finish offers a particularly versatile style that looks great in nearly any room.

Uplighting casts the illumination upward to highlight a portion of the ceiling for aesthetic reasons. Torchiere floor lamps are perfect for this illuminating technique. While they shine the light upward toward the ceiling, this style of lighting also delivers an ambient illumination that brightens the entire room. The Design Fidelity Pembroke 72-inch torchiere lamp in antique bronze even features a night light that provides safety for anyone living in your home, especially young children and senior citizens who might wake up in the middle of the night and need to see where they’re going.

Backlighting is a specialized form of lighting that illuminates an object or area from behind it. If you’re searching for an elegant option that’s out-of-the-ordinary, the Head West Tuscan Scroll Lighted Wall Sconce is perfect. It looks great in any room, particularly as a backdrop for your sofa, master bed or formal dining table. Its neutral coloring is easy to work with, so it will fit into your existing décor. Plus, it offers the energy savings of florescent lighting.

Task lighting focuses on illuminating specific areas of a room, enabling you to work on specific chores or activities more easily. Some of the most popular types of task lighting include track lighting that you can place directly above a kitchen island, desk or bathroom mirror. There are lots of different finishes and styles to choose from for this type of lighting. In fact, the Sunlite 48-inch Decorative Vanity 6-Light Fixture in a dusted brown finish makes it so easy to apply cosmetics or shave. Plus, it’s really attractive with its alabaster-like glass globes.



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