Help Your Child be a Successful Student

Helping your child get in the groove of school and land on the honor roll can be more difficult than it seems. Some students can feel intimidated by classroom settings and activities, as well as by homework. Such kids require a good deal of assistance with developing good study habits.
Offering your kids the help they need ensures they have the opportunity to develop the skills and habits of hard work they’ll need throughout life. It also helps them learn that hard work pays off. Here are 3 tips to help them better succeed in school.

successful student

Set expectations

Tell your child how you expect them to perform as students. It’s very important for your child to know what goals you want them to meet. Setting clear expectations makes it easier for your child to know what they must accomplish, such as getting good grades. If you notice that your son or daughter is having trouble meeting the expectations, you can then provide additional support. This can include helping them yourself or hiring a tutor to give them some extra instruction.

Establish a routine

suppliesKeeping your child on a daily routine with time designated for reviewing school material and doing homework is essential to making him or her a successful student. Enforce study time even when no homework is due the next day, and provide your child with all the supplies he or she needs to complete assignments. Make sure their workspace is clear of distractions like a television or phone so he or she can focus on the task at hand.

Offer rewards

video gamesKnowing which rewards provide the right incentives to your child allows you to offer items and experiences that help him or her see the link between hard work and success. Letting your child assist in selecting rewards for getting good grades or completing school assignments can vest him or her in their own success and build a desire to achieve.
Offering a range of small weekly rewards such as trips to the movies along with larger rewards for long-term achievements like expensive video games can keep your child focused on success now and in the future.


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