3 Tips for Handling the Toddler Years

3 Tips for Handling the Toddler Years

Being a toddler is tough. After all, you don’t get to make your own decisions, you have to go to bed early, and there’s never enough playtime. For parents, being the one to take care of a toddler can sometimes be challenging. Little ones often want to be the boss of themselves, which can lead to a power struggle.
No matter how stressed out you may become or how overwhelmed you might feel, there are several ways you can learn to handle the toddler years without going crazy. Here are 3 great tips for handling the toddler years.

Remember that you are the adult

Perhaps one of the easiest things to do when handling a toddler is to forget who is in charge. Remember that you’re the one who is in charge. You are the boss. Your toddler might threaten to throw a tantrum if you don’t give him what he wants or he might even say something mean, but remember that you are the one in charge.
That’s for a reason. You’re older, wiser and more experienced than your child. Even if your child really, really, really wants to do something that you just don’t feel is safe, keep in mind that you are the parent because you know what’s best for your little one.

napStick to your guns

It can be difficult to stay strong if your child is throwing a tantrum in the middle of the store. It can be even harder to stay strong if your child is throwing a tantrum in front of your friends. Being the parent of a toddler, though, means that you need to stick to your guns even when it’s difficult.
If your child screams, cries or fusses because he doesn’t get what he wants, consider offering a time-out or giving your child a nap. Although you might feel like a bad parent for not giving your child what he is demanding, the truth is that you’re actually being a wonderful parent by staying strong and giving your child firm boundaries.

Be patient

Everything has a learning curve: even growing up. Your child doesn’t understand the way the world works around him, and that’s okay. You might not have all the answers, and that’s okay, too. Remember to be patient with your child as you both figure out how to be the best family you can be.
If you start to feel stressed out or overwhelmed with your child, consider taking a break and going for a walk, getting a cup of coffee or listening to a song you like. Remember to take the time to relax when you need to. Being a parent can be overwhelming at times, so it’s important to be patient with your child and realize that neither one of you is perfect.


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