10 House Cleaning Tips to Help You Clean Like a Pro

Ever wonder how a professional house cleaner can clean so quickly? I found that the “tricks” professionals use aren’t really tricks at all; just systems that make them work more efficiently.  Here are ten tips that will help you “speed cleaning like a pro”.

House Cleaning Tips

Speed Cleaning Tips:

  1. Gather together all the tools and cleaning products you’ll need for your entire home and place them in a caddy.  Think of this as your tool box. Everything you might need goes in this caddy. This includes such things as a razor blade, a toothbrush and a credit card for scraping.
  2. Wear a half apron with lots of pockets and loops. Just like a carpenter, you should carry your tools with you. Line the inside of one pocket with a small plastic bag. This will be for your trash. Place any paper or garbage in there instead of running back and forth to a trash can.
  3. Work in a circle.  Find a starting point in the room and work around the room in a circle, cleaning everything as you go. You want to clean each spot and then move to the next area. Try not to retrace any of your steps.
  4. Learn the mantra; top to bottom/ back to front. This is the new way you are going to clean. For example: if you were going to clean an entertainment center, you would start at the very top and back near the wall and work your way to the front of the piece. Then work your way down on each side ending up at the bottom front of the unit.  Wipe all of the dust onto the floor since you are going to run the vacuum later.
  5. Spraying the furniture with a cleaning product actually makes more work and takes longer. Instead, you want to spray the cleaner directly on a cloth. And remember, more is not always better. We sometimes think that the more we use of a cleaning product, the better it should clean. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on the label. They have spent a lot of time and money researching the best way to use their product.
  6. Don’t fight with your furniture every time you clean. Instead, arrange your furniture so it’s easy to maneuver around.
  7. Leave enough space between things so that you can dust and vacuum without moving a thing.
  8. Use a new paint brush to move dust and debris away from the furniture. This will make vacuuming easy because you won’t have to stop to change attachments.
  9. Vacuum your way out of the room so you know you are completely done cleaning the room when you get to the doorway.
  10. Professionals separate the home into wet work and dry work. The wet work includes the bathrooms, kitchen and mopping of hard floors. Dry work is dusting and vacuuming.  Start with the wet work in the bathrooms, move to the kitchen and finish with the dry work. This will help keep you “on task” - Leslie Reichert ~ Green Cleaning Coach


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  1. Great tips! I am going to have to invest in a caddy that's for sure! It can get tiring having to repeatedly walk back and forth to the kitchen for supplies that are needed for cleaning.

    I also love the paint brush tip for with a 3 year old running around we are finding crumbs all over the couches when eating a snack.

    Thank you for sharing these great tips!

    1. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      It's never too early to teach you kids to clean! We'll have to do a post on teaching kids to clean up after themselves.

    2. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      That would be great!

      The good thing is she helps WHEN you are doing the cleaning, now it is trying to get her to clean up in between.

      She loves using a duster (which was a gift and has not been used) and so my thought is with a paintbrush this may also entice her a little bit more for they are fun to use with the back and forth motion. LOL