How to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

Swim Time Zanzibar swimming poolWhen the weather begins to warm up, your kids will be itching to go swimming. Getting a pool ready for summer does require preparation and family participation. With a little help and organization, outdoor pools can be ready in no time for your family of swimmers.

Pool supplies

If your pool supplies have been locked up for months, check the expiration date on all chemical products before using them. Also throw away any opened containers that haven’t been properly sealed because the product’s effectiveness will be diminished.

Pool water testing kitBuy a new and good quality water testing kit every spring because you’ll be adding chemicals based upon the results. Let your pool filter work for up to 24 hours before testing to allow old water to mix with fresh. Follow the instructions on each chemical product to be sure that you use accurate amounts. If you have any questions, or want to double-check that your test results are correct, take a water sample to your pool supply store and speak with a professional.

Getting a pool ready for summer

After you have your chemicals refreshed and ready for use, take the following steps:

  • Uncover the pool. Before you pull off the cover, be sure to remove all debris and excess water from the top to prevent it from falling into the pool. Clean the cover thoroughly before storing.
  • Inspect the pool filter and pump for any damage or worn parts that should be replaced.
  • If you removed underwater light fixtures to prevent them from cracking during a freeze, coil the wire back into its niche and replace the light fixtures.
  • Look for any chips or cracks in the pool plaster or vinyl liner and repair per manufacturer instructions.
  • Remove calcium scale or stains from pool tiles, if you have them. Buy a tile cleaner for this purpose, or use baking Aqua broom for poolsoda and a tile brush or pumice stone.
  • Fill the pool water to midpoint on the tile waterline if you have a tiled pool. Now you can use your wall and floor brush to remove large debris such as leaves or twigs.
  • Activate your in-pool vacuum to a regular cycle and remove any dirt from the leaf basket.
  • Continue to run the filter for several days until the water is clear and chlorine levels are adequate for swimming.
  • Replace any unstable railings or ladders, slides or diving boards. If you aren’t replacing these items, check all bolt attachments.
  • Getting a pool ready for summer also includes cleaning your pool deck, trimming landscaping that can cause debris to blow into your pool water and double-checking all poolside furniture for safety.

-by Diane Quinn


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