Prepare for Daylight Saving Time to End

daylight saving timeby Janet Grischy

It’s almost time to “fall back,” when we set the clocks back one hour each year. Be sure you’re ready to enjoy brighter mornings beginning Sunday, November 4 (the time change takes effect at 12 a.m.). The end of daylight saving time isn’t a bad thing, but it is an adjustment when it ends each year and the clock turns back an hour. Be prepared to make the most of it with these tips:

1. The time change means you have to change the clocks, of course. So many appliances have clocks, and some have to be reset. The easiest way is to reset everything the night before. Computers, phones and other devices will reset themselves but you will likely have to change your wall clock, alarm clock, and maybe your wrist watch yourself.

2. Young children can get cranky when their schedules change. The clock says it’s their normal bedtime, but their bodies say they’re staying up late. One option is to gradually make their bedtime later during the week before the change, so when the change comes it isn’t so large.

Fall back day is also a perfect time to explain to children that the time on our clocks is just something people made up, that the sun and the moon move to their own rhythms.

3. Due to the time shift in fall, it gets dark earlier, and also gets light earlier in the morning. However, the nights get longer as winter approaches, so every day sometimes seems darker whatever happens to the clock.

4. Extra exercise helps people cope with the time change. Go for a walk and see how the leaves are changing, and how long the shadows are. Or curl up in a warm blanket and enjoy the extra hour of sleep we all get this Saturday night.


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  1. Its realy difficult to me when clock revival occurs.almost a month i have taken to adjust my routines.some time i think it is wrong.