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Power up with Perennials


Many of my favorite garden plants are perennials. These reliable residents have staying power because they return from their rootstock to greet each new gardening season with foliage and colorful flowers year after year.  Depending on where you live, some perennials such as bergenia also provide evergreen attraction with a mantle of leaves throughout the year.

One of the things I especially love about perennials is that some–such as coneflower, yarrow, euphorbia, coreopsis and sedums–are drought-tolerant once their roots become established. This saves time as the second year rolls around since they require less water. And most perennials have deep roots, which make them more durable than annuals.

Another bonus is that, unlike annuals, these cost-effective plants are a one-time purchase and planting proposition. You buy and plant them once and you’re done. That is, unless you decide to divide certain perennials in the spring or fall to replant in your garden. Of course you can always share the excess of your freebie treasures with family and friends.


When to Plant Perennials:

For best success, I plant my perennials in the cool of the morning or early evening and especially on a cloudy day, if possible. Mulching plants will also save time by keeping weeds to a minimum and retaining soil moisture. Perennials also grow and expand each year and their ultimate size and width depends on the plant, so plan accordingly. You can always fill the empty spaces with potted plants or annuals until the plant fills in.

Asters, catmint, chrysanthemums, coneflower, daylilies, Russian sage, salvia, verbena and sedums are a few of my favorites. How about you?Kris Wetherbee 

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  1. My sister loves these flowers and was very appreciative after reading your blog as well as other Q&A that other members have posted.

    She has used many of your tips in planting her garden of flowers and vegetables(just bought a new house).

    Thank you Kris and I can't wait to read more ;)

  2. I love perennials as well-sometimes I am not the best at remembering to water my plants when it doesn't rain enough, and these always seem to be hearty. I love verbena! Those are my favorites.

  3. Great ideas for spring planting just in time for an upcoming warm weekend predicted for my area! Thanks for sharing these helpful tips.

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